The Wine

… It is a movement of pleasure, an harmony of taste, each aromatic note at its time…

it's music for the palate!

The red wine Tempo Largo is the result of the selection of our best grapes.

Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz and eventually Tinta Barroca are associated. Their percentages are adapted according to the agricultural year, so each harvest reflects its own character. Nevertheless we preserve our method and same principles for all vintages.

If the wine does not reach the desirable quality standards, it will not be a Tempo Largo.

It ages in stainless steel for at least one year before being bottled, and is stored for at least another.

For greater respect in the conservation of all its aromatic potential, there is no excessive filtration. Therefore it can present sediment.

It is recommended to let it breathe for a while and enjoy at a temperature of 16ºC – 18ºC.

Consume with moderation. Contains sulphites.


“Purplish red colour, predominant aroma of wild fruits, smooth and  balanced mouth with notes of red fruits and compote, refined finish”.
Maestoso trio of Touriga Nacional (50%), Touriga Franca (33%) and Tinta Roriz (17%) – 13º vol.


“Garnet red, predominant aroma of ripe wild fruits and blackberry and prune compote. Tannin and warm mouth with notes of honeyed fruit and elegant finish”.
Appasionato quarteto of Tinta Roriz (38%), Touriga Nacional (27%), Touriga Franca (22%) and Tinta Barroca (13%). – 13,5º vol.


“Violet colour, closed, aroma of black fruits. In the mouth it is vinous, with freshness and some vegetal note and spices, final with slight persistence”.
Grazioso trio of Tinta Roriz (45%), Touriga Nacional (30%) and Touriga Franca (25%) – 13º vol.

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